The Hepatitis C: City Hall Rally

The Hepatitis C: City Hall Rally 

By Ryan Ngala
[WSTN – New York] Yesterday On Wednesday May 10, 2017, In a sunny and beautiful day at City Hall, many of organizations came to support to help stop against Hepatitis C in New York City, my prediction that this disease could stop the spears by the year of 2030, at the city hall building as for security entrance by the New York City police officers who help to protect and serve this great city will realize the impact of what it can do to your maintain health. 
“What a beautiful day to end Hepatitis” – Said one of the protesters, who stand outside on the front entrance in New York City Hall as the event was about to begin at 11am and ending at 12pm sharp, many organizations holding their signs up in support to fight against the disease for Hepatitis C, the organizations who are Vocal-New York, Coalition On Positive Empowerment (COPE), and so many others. 
Their participation in the event was to only raise awareness in their efforts to let people get treated for Hepatitis C so that this type of disease can stop with their predictions to stop the virus by the end of twenty thirty, and the thoughts of raising their voice can one day soon be heard by the millions of New Yorkers who listen so that way anyone who can make a difference and a change to their own health choices. 
“We can’t help you if you don’t come to us” – Said Kleo from Coalition on Positive Health Empowerment, as he tells his experience about how he survived the disease from Hepatitis C, and as soon as the event was finally over each organization had got a chance to socialize and network from health professionals and different organizations such as Hep Free NYC, the event had ended from noon on the dot. 
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